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Balacomm Media Pvt.Ltd. A leading audio video marketing solution provider with an aim to make a difference in the communication industry. We specialize in impeccable services like audio recording, voice announcements, telephone recording, telephone messaging, creative autodailer message, radio spots, radio jingles and Interactive Voice Response audio production services with a strong presence in New Delhi, India. We have been at the cutting edge of technology and we provide a gamut of services for mobile as well as video communication, which include services like 3G video prompts, 3G video content, custom scripted caller ring back tones, ring tones and a lot of entertaining services like pranks, jokes, astrology, song and dedications from loved ones. Apart from that Balacomm also provides creative services for video production which include TV commercials, corporate films, documentaries, training films etc.

Our determination and commitment towards our clients has enabled us to offer you the file conversions in G.729,G.722,G.722.1,G.723 codecs. Always on the cutting edge of technology, Balacomm now offers you the file conversions in G.729 codec which is an audio data compression algorithm to turn your digitized information into compressed data which reduces the bandwidth requirements needed to carry the information forward..... Read more

Why Balacomm?


We are uniquely placed to deliver seamless, intelligent, audio solutions that maximize the value of your network.
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Whats new?

Balacomm, The only company to have it’s own data sharing portal ( for quicker logistics and added security of the finished assignment.

The story of lost opportunities is not new, it begins when customers call and, while on hold, they are subjected to dead silence, or a sleepy music. Balacomm truly understand the importance of an impeccable call hold experience for the customer, we are the first company providing on hold messaging for all verticals.

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Optimal Customized Solutions for Our Valued Customers!!
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Customer satisfaction is our forte.Our ability to meet the clients requirements has helped us in attaining recognition worldwide in this industry.
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